Ecotourism in
Areopoli Mani Greece

It is part of our outlook on life here at guesthouse Ktima Karageorgou to preserve and perpetuate the customs which are an inherent part of our heritage, our Maniot traditions, customs and way of life. We aim to make our history better known, and nurture and conserve the natural resources of this land of Greece. Areopoli Mani Lakonia.
We try to revive forgotten trades that were once the daily round of the people who lived in this place and part of their struggle to earn a living. We try to make them part of our own daily round. But most of all we want to pass them on to the young ones so they, in turn, can pass them on to future generations. Children, of course, feature strongly in this.They can take part in a number of outdoor activities, explore the area, share in the regular work on this working  farm and enjoy the close contact with nature that this gives them. They can rise to the challenge when nature puts obstacles in their way and discover its secrets while spinning an exciting tale or two of their own.  Cross the threshold of the farm and relive the childhood years you spent in the country.Recall the sights, sound and smells of your younger days. Smell again the freshly baked bread just removed from the wood burning oven. Relish it with olive oil and a pinch of salt before it gets cold. Taste the pure honey and organically grown olive oil, homemade marmalade, and the meat cooked in the same oven, the scent of wood still lingering in the roasted flesh…
Come and make homemade pasta with us.

Let’s make our own spaghetti, egg noodles, frumenty, fruit preserve, jam, marmalade and fried strips of dough….Let’s make soap out of olive oil and weave cloth on a loom. We can harvest wheat, thresh it on the threshing floor and grind it in a hand operated mill…We hold festival weekends featuring whatever activities are seasonable at various times of the year…If you would like to receive information about the dates and times of these activities and book a place, please do so here in email:

 Ktima Karageorgou
Areopoli Mani Lakonia Peloponnese
Greece 23062
tel. +30 2733051368
fax +30 2733051328

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