Administrative seat of the Despotate of Moreas, Mystras was the last light of the Byzantine Empire. A walled city perched on a slope of Mount Taygetus, it has a fortress, palaces, mansions and churches and lets the present-day visitor sense and admire its past glory. Mystras gives precious insight into the life and civilisation of Byzantium.

In 1989 UNESCO declared Mystras a vast monument with an empirical past and unique historical significance whose validity touches the whole world, and rightly so.

It is 80 kilometres from Areopolis to Mystras. When you reach Sparti, simply follow the road signs for Mystras.

Just a short distance from Mystras is the village of Parori where fresh, cool, mountain springs gush out of rocks and centuries-old plane trees provide welcome shade for visitors who stop for a meal at one of the taverns in the village square. Leading off the first bend the other side of the village is a path that takes you to the rock-cut church of Panagia Langadiotissa. There is a wonderful walk through a spectacular gorge with a fast flowing stream running by, and then you stand in awe before this amazing church nestling in its cave in such impressively rugged scenery. It was in this church that Constantine Palaeologus prayed before setting out on his historic journey to Constantinople early in 1449.

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