Suite Room in Areopoli Mani Greece

The two-storey suite is definitely one of the
most  romantic and most special choices
you could make. Exposed-stone walls all
around, pointed with mortar in restful
hues, lend a feeling of security. The
spacious wooden sleeping loft furnished
with a double bed and superior quality
mattress that is specially designed to
envelope and support your whole body,
and the Jacuzzi next to the bed in the
sleeping loft make your stay here a unique
experience.  Light fabrics that seem to
float in the air hang fromthe ceiling above
the iron bedstead. Rich lace valances round
the bed, high quality bedding and
hand-woven rugs in natural hues blend
artistically to create a fairy-tale feel while
also providing those moments of extreme
relaxation and rejuvenation.
The lounge on the floor below the loft
provides those comforts you need to make
your stay pleasant and comfortable
all day long.

The comfortable sofa is there for you to relax with a welcome drink and a fire burning in the grate of the open fireplace for company. Most suites have an open fireplace. The elegant dining area means you can enjoy a quiet romantic meal any time of day by prior arrangement, while the elaborately decorated secretaire lends a note of its own.

Our suites have fifty square metres of floor space and can easily accommodate a family with two children. Most suites have two large verandas with views of Areopolis and the sea in one direction and the peaks of Mount Taygetus with picturesque Sotiras village perching on one of them in the other. All balconies are provided with marble top tables so you can enjoy the views at any time of day.

 Ktima Karageorgou
Areopoli Mani Lakonia Peloponnese
Greece 23062
tel. +30 2733051368
fax +30 2733051328

Suite Ktima Karageorgou Ktima Karageorgou Suite Ktima Karageorgou Suite Mani

Ktima Karageorgiu Manis Suite Suite at Ktima Karageorgou in Mani


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